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Karma  by  Annie Besant

Karma by Annie Besant
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IntroductionEVERY thought of man upon being evolved passes into the inner world, and becomes an active entity by associating itself, coalescing we might term it, with an elemental—that is to say, with one of the semi-intelligent forces of the kingdoms. It survives as an active intelligence—a creature of the minds begetting—for a longer or shorter period proportionate with the original intensity of the cerebral action which generated it.

Thus a good thought is perpetuated as an active, benefi­cent power, an evil one as a maleficent demon. And so man is continually peopling his current in space with a world of his own, crowded with the offspring of his fancies, desires, impulses and passions- a current which reacts upon any sensitive or nervous organization which comes in contact with it, in proportion to its dynamic intensity.

The Buddhist calls it his Skandha- the Hindu gives it the name of Karma. The Adept evolves these shapes consciously- other men throw them off unconsciously.

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