Neo-Classical Physics of Space, Time and Matter Joop F Nieland

ISBN: 9781847482921

Published: April 16th 2008


140 pages


Neo-Classical Physics of Space, Time and Matter  by  Joop F Nieland

Neo-Classical Physics of Space, Time and Matter by Joop F Nieland
April 16th 2008 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 140 pages | ISBN: 9781847482921 | 5.67 Mb

Are we obliged to continue with Einsteins scientifically and philosophically failing principles which nowadays constitute outdated mistakes? Special Relativity Theory and General Relativity Theory can be useful only as approximation gimmicks, which are nevertheless unsuitable for accurate and all-encompassing physical theory.

Adherence to relativistic theory is blocking the unfolding of the unifying theory of everything. Treating no orthodoxy as sacrosanct, Joop E Nieland cuts through decades of muddled thinking by physicists determined to reconcile new theories with old, even when that task is futile. He demonstrates the omnipresence of the aether, and offers a neo-classically formulated aether version of Coulombs theory.

Vacuum Refraction Theory of Gravitation and Cosmology, he says, uses vacuum space-physics, Euclidean geometry and quantitative differentiations of every mass object. It is incompatible with the geometry of Einsteins General Relativity Theory, or with any amended version. Once that is accepted, science is free to delve deeper and explore further into the secrets of the universe and move closer than ever before to the formulation of a single super theory.

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